Best Tips for HVAC freon Refrigerant gas in 2022

Best Tips for HVAC freon Refrigerant gas in 2022

Best Tips for HVAC freon Refrigerant gas in 2022

we want you to make an informed decision before sourcing refrigerant gas,
That is why we have supplied you with Refrigerant Gas buying guide to help you make that decision.

Most of us know and are familiar with the common refrigerant distributors rather it be Hudson, A-Gas, Aspen, Weitron, or whomever else. These names are seen everywhere within the industry and you’re most likely buying from one of them already.

That being said, another question that I see quite a bit that isn’t as covered is who are the refrigerant gas manufacturers behind these refrigerant gas distributors?
After all, these distributors have to get their products from somewhere.

What companies are out there and producing refrigerants? Which are the ones that are coming up with new classes of refrigerants or innovating existing refrigerants? A really big market right now, and one that will only be growing over the next few years, is safe and climate friendly alternatives to R-22. With the phase out coming in just a year and half these refrigerant manufacturers and innovators will be playing a larger and larger role.

R134A-Refrigerant Gas
R134A-Refrigerant Gas

To start this article off I am going to be focusing on the larger refrigerant manufacturers. These are your giant corporations that have a very large percentage of the refrigerant market share. On top of that, these are the companies that you see coming out with new refrigerants or even whole new refrigerant classifications. They have a full research and development department and are always looking for newer and better alternative refrigerants.

Larger Refrigerant Manufacturers

Honeywell International

  • Speaking of gigantic corporations, number one on our list is Honeywell International. This company was founded over one-hundred years ago in Wabash, Indiana. They originally made their start by creating one of the first thermostats all the way back in 1888. Today they have a global workforce of one-hundred and thirty-thousand employees.
  • They are one of the largest manufacturers of refrigerant across the globe with factories and plants in the United States as well as other countries. Their brand names are known as Genetron and Solstice. Genetron covers your most common refrigerants such as HFCs 134a, 404A, and 410A,R406A,R407C,R22,R141B.Solstice is the newer classification of refrigerants known as HFOs and includes 1234yf, N40, and N13.
  • Honeywell and Chemours combined take up a huge chunk of the market share when it comes to refrigerant sales. In fact, these two behemoth companies have teamed up with each other to further advance their new HFO product lines.


  • Arkema is a refrigerant manufacturing company out of Colombes, France. (Just northwest of Paris.) They were founded in 2004 and have been growing ever since. Today, they are in fifty countries and have nineteen-thousand employees. Their total revenue from 2015 was 7.7 billion Euros. While they are not as big as Honeywell or Chemours they provide healthy competition to the two behemoths and help to keep them in check.
  • Arkema’s most famous refrigerant brand name is known as Forane. They offer a wide variety of refrigerants including the most popular HFC refrigerants that we use today such as R-134a, R-410A, and R-404A.

Refrigerant R134a.R410A.R407C.R417A.R404A.R507.R23.R508A.R508B.R152a.R22.R123.R124.R141b.R142b.R402A.R402B.R408A.R409A.R11.R12.R13.R502.R503.R290.R600a

China Refrigerant Gas Manufacturers

A good portion of the refrigerants that we use in the Untied States and across the world comes from China. If not the straight refrigerant such as R-22 coming then it’s the blends. A lot of the times you’ll see distributors importing in refrigerants needed in say, R-410A, and then they will mix the imported refrigerants at their facility to come up with the R-410A blend. While there is nothing wrong with this technique there are some companies out there who call this type of refrigerant ‘Domestic Product.’ This label gives the impression that the consumers are purchasing American made product, which in fact they are not.

CHINA Refrigerant Gas

Let me tell you why you should  buying from Chinese Refrigerant Gas manufacturer,

1. Compared with big European and American companies, Chinese prices are more advantageous

2. The price in the Middle East may be the lowest, but the quality is not as Good as that in China

3. The China suppliers is relatively centralized. If you have a large bulk orders, they can be delivered quickly


Well folks,Let me tell you another tips that Most of the Refrigerant Gas Suppliers are located in zhejiang, shandong, of course some located in Beijing, jiangsu and henan,if you want to buy refrigerant from china,please contact us,I will my make a list of Chinese refrigerant manufacturers .

In the next article we will explain how to Sourcing Refrigerants Gas from China

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