HFC Refrigerant R134a Gas for Iran ISCON

HFC Refrigerant R134a Gas for Iran ISCON

HFC Refrigerant R134a Gas for Iran ISCON Description:

Refrigerant Gas Purity: >99.99%, OEM brand available

Package: Disposable/refillable cylinder,ton cylinder,Isotank,refrigerant can

Refrigerant Gas R134a Isecon&Iscon Packing
Refrigerant Gas R134a Isecon&Iscon Packing

Physical property

 molecular formula CH2FCF3
Boiling point (101, 3, kpa,) -26,1 ℃
critical temperature 101.1 ℃
critical pressure 4066.6 kpa
Liquid Density 1188.1 kg/m³
Saturated vapor pressure, (25 ℃) 661.9 kpa
Evaporation heat of vaporization, /, latent heat, (below the boiling point, 1 ATM,) 216 kJ/kg
(ODP) 0
Global Warming Potential 1300 (GWP,100,yr)
ASHRAE MILS A1 (non-toxic nonflammable)
25 ℃ saturated liquid density 1.207 g/m³
Liquid specific heat at 25 ℃ 1.51 [KJ/(Kg·℃)]
Solubility (water, 25 ℃) 0.15 %
critical density 0.512 g/cm³
Boiling point of evaporation potential 215.0 KJ/Kg

 Quality index

Purity ≥(m/m)% 99.9
 acidity (HCI)≤(m/m)ppm 1
Moisture ≤(m/m)ppm 10
evaporated residue ≤(v/v)ppm 100
non-condensable gases ≤25℃(v/v)% 1.5
Content of chloride qualified
appearance colorless and clear


Product Name   hfc refrigerant r134a gas for Iran
Packaging 13.6kg/cylinder
Shipping 1150cylinder/20FCL

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Application flieds:

Widely used in various automobile air-conditioning , car refrigerator, water dispenser,

Cold storage and commercial refrigeration and so on.


1. Keep away from any source of heat;

2. Don’t expose or heat the can to temperature over 40 °C;

3. Don’t incinerate the can.

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