Why don’t buy cheap refrigerant gas?

Why don’t buy cheap refrigerant gas?
Refrigerant Gas R134A

Why don’t buy cheap refrigerant gas?

In recent years, with the strength of various refrigerant factores and the improvement of customer requirements, more and more refrigerant buyers choose the latter between price and quality from refrigerant Manufacturers when purchasing China refrigerant . But there are also refrigerant importers that choose cheap and cheap to buy for the sake of cheapness. Let’s talk about it: Why can’t you buy cheap refrigerant?

1. Buy cheap refrigerant
Only happy when you kill the price! When used, it is very likely that no one is happy. The cheaper thing, its total cost is not necessarily low, but it is to make up for the money saved in other aspects.

2. Buy good quality
The moment of giving money is distressing! It is very happy every day when I use it, and it feels especially worthwhile. After many years of use, the equipment has not been repaired, there is a small problem, the manufacturer’s after-sales is very good.

3. Customers desperately press the price and calculate the cost
The customer always feels that we are expensive, and we are willing to pay for it. I would like to ask him: “Do you forget the design cost? Is the labor cost calculated? Is the marketing cost calculated? Is the normal operating cost of the company calculated? Is the management cost counted? Is the logistics cost counted? Is the storage cost counted?…”

4. Give you a bunch of steel, can you turn it into a refrigeration device?
Give you steel, can you make equipment yourself? Give you a needle, can you give yourself acupuncture? Give you a basketball, can you play the NBA? Give you a bunch of materials, can you turn it into a refrigeration?

5. The premise of service is profit
The premise of service is profit, every company must survive, profits can be reduced appropriately but can not disappear, you take all the profits to protect survival, and the quality of refrigeration equipment and the after-sales service are guaranteed.

6. The quality of the product lies in your choice
So expensive, yes, because it is good, so expensive! The products are expensive in quality, and people are in the taste! The quality of the product lies in your choice! There are no things in the world that can buy the best products with the least amount of money.

7. Perfect pursuit, quality first
Someone asked: “Can your Refrigerant Gas be cheaper?”
I can only say: “I can’t give you the price you want, but I can give you the quality you want, I would rather explain the price for a while, and I don’t want to apologize for quality for a lifetime.”

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