Refrigerant Gas Price Alert 2019

Refrigerant Gas Price Alert 2019
China-Refrigerant gas price

This article I will update the refrigerant gas price for your convenience,2019 is certainty turning out to be an interesting year.
there would be 10 percent increase on your everyday refrigerant including R-134a, R-410A, and R22.this increase would be the start of a trend of upward momentum for the year.

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Refrigerant gas price
Refrigerant gas price

Refrigerant Pricing

Let’s take a look:

R-134A – Thirty Pound Cylinder Pricing:

  • Fall 2017 – $140
  • Fall 2018 – $85
  • Jan 2019 – $88
  • But now is April,2019?

Most people had thought we had reached the bottom of the barrel when it came to R-134a pricing. This was especially the case when that notification was sent out in January stating that prices were going up. People were used to paying around $90-$100 a cylinder.

This new price of $70 is the lowest I have seen in years. In fact it’s close to where it was when I used to buy R-134a in bulk back in 2008. Back then I was paying around $61-$65… but that was before tariffs. I am really amazed to see the price back to almost pre-tariff levels. Who knows how much lower it will go.

R-410A – Twenty-Five Pound Cylinder Pricing:

  • Fall 2017 – $140
  • Fall 2018 – $65
  • Jan 2019 – $68
  • But now is April,2019?

Just like R-134a, R-410A is going down and down. At this point it’s difficult to forecast what will happen. I honestly don’t know folks. Will we keep going down, or will we start creep back up as the summer season sets in?

Refrigerant price trend
Refrigerant price trend

R22 – Refrigerant thirty Pound Cylinder Pricing:

  • Fall 2017 – $550
  • Fall 2018 – $350
  • Jan 2019 – $410 or Under
  • But now is April,2019?

There could be a resurgence in pricing as the summer season sets in and people began to realize that R-22 will be going away.

Refrigerant gas price trend
Refrigerant gas price trend


By analyzing the Global Refrigerant price trend, we come to the conclusion that the price go up from January to August every year,down from August to December in the second half of the year.
Every year 6-8 is the highest price, and November to march is the lowest price.
Therefore, as a buyer/importer, November to march is the best time to buy.
You can stock up and make more profits.

next month,All the China refrigerant gas factories will still going up the price,
because Summer is coming,Demand in China’s local markets is rising, leading to higher prices.

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