R404A Refrigerant Gas
Refrigerant gas r404a manufacturers

R404A Refrigerant Gas

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R404a is retrofit refrigerant for R-22 and R-502. It is used in new medium- and low-temperature refrigeration system.It is used for industrial ,commercial and transportation cooler system.

Refrigerant Gas R404A  Physical Property

Molecular Weight
Boling Point ,℃
Critical Temperature ,℃
Critical Pressure ,kpa
R404a Refrigerant Gas Quality Standard
Purity ,%
Acidity ,%
Evaporation Residue,%
Appearance : r
Colorless and Clear
Refrigerant gas r404a manufacturers
Refrigerant gas r404a manufacturers
R404A Packing
Disposable cylinder 24lb/10.9kg
Refrigerant Gas R404A Storage and shipping
Storage should be away from fire, heat and avoid direct sunlight, it usually put in a cool, dry and ventilated place .In case the cylinder,valves and other accessories are damaged ,it should be handled with care .
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